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1. Can the face slimmer really?

The face-lowering instrument can help to reduce face, but it must be used persistently. At the same time, it is better to use it together with some face-lowering cream. Because the face slimming instrument can achieve the effect of slimming by promoting the muscle and fat of the face, promoting the burning of fat, and reducing the content of muscle.

2. Is this metal? Will it fade?

Our face thinner is made of the best ABS material. The surface of the product is electroplated and attached with a layer of metal film to prevent metal oxidation (such as rust and discoloration), and it will not cause damage to human skin. It can be safely used

3. How to use it?

Roll along the face contour from bottom to top, so that the mouth, cheeks and face skin are lifted and tightened

Focus on massaging the chin to eliminate double chin and reshape the facial line

Hold the handle upward, roll back and forth from shoulder to nape of neck, roll up and down, and relieve the shoulder and neck muscles

4. How long is it used every day?

It can be used for about ten minutes every day. It is convenient to carry and flexible to use. If you insist on using it for a long time, you can say goodbye to excess fat

5. How long will it work?

It takes at least one month for the roller face thinner to see the effect, which is mainly determined by the fat level of the face. During use, we should also eat less food with high fat and high calorie in our diet!

6. Why do some people feel a little pain when they use it? This is because everyone has different degrees of obesity, so they are different from each other in the process of lifting. The more obese they are, the more obvious the effect is